Monday, October 21, 2013

Using iReport 5.1.0 Designer

After extracting zipfile and when truing to click on iReport icon in bin to execute iReport we may get below error.

To solve it we need to set JDK path in config file.

in etc folder, there is file named 'iReport'.Set path as below.

Then issues will be solved.

When initially start working, we have to copy DB library file to iReport lib folder and then click tools -> options -> classpath -> add jar and select whatever the jar file.

For eg: if it is oracle,then it will be ojdbc6.jar

Then click on 'datasource' as below.

Then create connection as below and test it to check wethre it is successful.

Then create new report as below.We can select any report template as below.Click on 'Open this template' button.

Below is the link for rest of instrucions.

  • To print the value of a field in the report, drag a field object from the report inspector to the design view. For example, drag a field into the detail band, a section of the report that is printed for each record/row in the query results. The title and the summary bands are printed just once in each report, while the page header and footer are printed once at the top and bottom of each page, respectively.
  • It is important that the textfields are all placed within the detail band.
Deploying Your Report - Deploying your report to JasperReports Server or within your own Java application. 

(Refer this link:
When you design and preview a report in iReport Designer, iReport Designer produces a Jasper file. This file is all you need in your Java application to generate and display the report (in addition to JasperReports Library, of course).

The report execution is performed by the JasperReports library, so you have to include all the required jars in your application. Which jars? If you do not have a problem shipping a lot of jars, you can include all the jars provided in JasperReports Library. However JasperReports includes many jars that you may not need as well.

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