Ubuntu Commands

1) How to check available space on Ubuntu 11.10

Option (1)

i) Press 'windows' key on keyboard.
ii) Type 'Disk Usage Analyzer'. It will show the below window.

Option (2) 

i)  Type below in a terminal & it will show available space as below.

     df -h

2)  How to check available memory on Ubuntu 11.10

 i) Type the below command & it will display the details as below.

       cat /proc/meminfo

3) How to type folders with space in terminal ?
  • If we have a folder with space eg: 'HSQL_DB SERVER'
when typing in terminal if you just mention the space as below, it will give error.

ishara@IsharaLap:~/MyStuff/Development_Tools$ cd HSQL_DB server
bash: cd: HSQL_DB: No such file or directory
  •  replace space with '\ ' as below.
ishara@IsharaLap:~/MyStuff/Development_Tools$ cd HSQL_DB\ server

4) Useful Ubuntu Commands
 i) If you have a folder with several folders and sub folders within those folders & several files too, then to copy them to a destination use below command.(Test1 has several folders & files in it)

eg: cp -rv /home/ishara/Test1/* /home/ishara/Test1/doc

ii) echo - helps to display a line of text 

echo $PATH --> will display the PATH variable

iii) When setting PATH, if you want to append new part to existing PATH, then $PATH should be appended to beginning as below.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/ishara/tracegraph202/bin/glnx86

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